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Courtney + Andrew [Engagements – The Woodlands]

We have some of the best clients on the planet. I say that with an honest heart, because if you only worked one day in our shoes – you’d understand :) So with that said, I introduce you to Courtney & Andrew – two amazing, fun, sweet, playful, adorable, did I mention funny?? The list goes on and on! We had an amazing time galavanting around different spots in The Woodlands for their engagement session :) And the photos came out lovely, primarily because they two completely let loose, trusted us, and were completely themselves during our time together!

So we hope you enjoy a few of our favorites from this awesome engagement session – we promise you’ll be smiling from start to finish :) And don’t miss us too much while we take short break for Thanksgiving! We’ll be back on Monday!

Isn’t her smile heaven?!
My favorite thing about Courtney & Andrew – they are always making each other laugh :)
Gaaaahhh! Oh, Lawd! Thank you for this amazing light!!
They seriously are so awesome :)
At our last location, we played around a dirt road that lead to a huge foresty ravine :) They are so awesome and totally trekked the muddy path!
These two! They make me want to smile with every single photo!
¬†Guys – thank you SO much for trusting us and following us into some crazy locations :) I always say that people think I’m crazy when I pull off the side of the road and lead them into these crazy spots, but later – it all makes sense when they see the photos :) It ALWAYS comes together! But you guys – you gladly followed us to every spot and that’s why we love you guys! Your CD will go out in the mail first thing next week but until then, let these photos help you get through the anticipation :) Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

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