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Loren & Caleb

You remember Loren & Caleb, right? They just got married and we posted their wedding photos a week or so back! Well, since these two got married after dark and since wedding days can be busy affairs, they opted to have an After Wedding Session to give them a chance to get lots of photos of the two of them, along with their ADORABLE dog Cowboy, without the rush of all the wedding day busy-ness. Is that a word?? Because if it isn’t I totally just made it up :)

Not only are these two adorable, but add a dog in a bow-tie and I’m officially smitten :) I hope you enjoy a few of our favorites from their session, I had too many to count!

Favorite photo, below :)

Loren & Caleb’s 2 best friends joined them to help with their session and to celebrate (the wedding, the session, and mostly that Cowboy didn’t run away!!!) they cracked open a bottle of wine and had an impromptu wine picnic in the forest :) Gotta love this group!

Loren & Caleb… Seriously, you guys are so much fun! We need to do this again VERY soon because it’s SOOO much fun each time we do :) Next time, the wine is on me!

Nicole Chatham - May 6, 2012 - 9:19 am

LOVE this session! We have 2 boxers so they are near and dear to my heart! What adorable pictures with him in his little bow tie! Great work!

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